In the beginning


Guy Hall, Jason Thompson and Ian Slater today announced a management buy-out of the former Vision Seafoods and Visual Foods was established. The deal will provide job security for employees of Visual Foods, along with the prestigious `Tiger Delight’ brand.

Today was the first day of trading for Visual Foods and with a lot of hard work, a bit of good luck and a strong prevailing wind – Visual Foods is set to become a successful and profitable business as one of the UK’s leading importers and food wholesalers.

A strategic alliance with Homestead Foods Limited, gives Visual Foods the opportunity to develop new products across complementary markets. Paul Weatherby, Managing Director of Homestead Foods Limited is pleased to offer support and collaboration at this exciting time.

Jason, Guy, Ian and Paul are committed to providing the best products at the best price for their customers, while continuing to employ the most productive, motivated and satisfied team of people all working towards a shared goal.