Tiger Primo Brand

We are very pleased to announce “Tiger Primo” as our new premium brand developed from the ground-up for Visual Foods.  Tiger Primo currently is our headline brand for 100% Chicken Breast Fillets, and there is already a lot of buzz surrounding this exciting development with our customers.

The Tiger Primo brand represents exceptional quality, the word “Primo” itself means of top quality or importance, number one!

For our Tiger Primo chicken breasts, our commitment to quality ensured we found the right size, taste and uniformity so we can present an overall exceptional new product that offers our customers an unmatched alternative to their familiar named brands. With Visual Foods’ usual level of consistent and sustainable supply, along with our reputation for constant customer satisfaction, we believe we have a product on par with our popular Tiger Delight brand that our customers will find easy to order again and again.

So, if you need to order premium quality product, look no further than our Tiger Primo brand and if you have a requirement for raw frozen 100% chicken breast fillets, you need Tiger Primo Chicken.  Look out for the logo…