Ode to Easy Peel

Ode to Easy Peel

There isn’t a prawn with more plate appeal,

Than the size 16/20, raw easy peel.

It’s big and it’s juicy and really delicious,

It’s just what you need for your surf and turf dishes.

If you ever have trouble with any dexterous issues,

Stop all the crying and throw away all the tissues.

The easy peel is for you!  It’s headless as well!

And a cut down the back helps you remove the shell.

The easy peel prawn is great for the old and the youth,

This prawn will save you from appearing uncouth.

No mess and no trouble, just pull the shell off,

No more seafood based awkwardness when you just want to scoff.

So if you want a prawn that comes with its shell on,

Don’t think fiddly seafood must be forgone.

Place an order for some, there’s no time to waste,

Then sit back and enjoy it’s superior taste!