Introducing the Shrimp Shard!!!

The Shrimp Shard, a brand new product in our ready prepared range offers our customers a sensational product both in flavour and appearance.  Our new product development team have worked hard on the flavour profile to offer a fresh tasting marinated prawn, enveloped in a crisp, hand rolled filo pastry.

The Shrimp Shard was a difficult product to think of a name for.  Its interesting and eye catching shape conjured up many different ideas of what it might resemble.  Finger Prawn was one incarnation but the connotations didn’t quite fit with the high standards of food safety Visual Foods complies with. Prawnetto and Prawnocopia were two of my personal favourites but in a twist of patriotic alliance, the Shrimp Shard was created in honour of London’s newest addition.

So create a delicious, virtual tour of London from your own home with our new product.  It is just as awe inspiring and awesome as the real thing but you can hold it in the palm of your hand.  Look out for more products in the range coming soon; The Red Pangasi-Bus, Bucking-Prawn Palace and Kings Crustacean.