Snap, Crackle and POPcorn Shrimp

Snap, Crackle and POPcorn Shrimp

If you love the movies and eating popcorn,

Imagine the delight of the addition of prawn?

Our new popcorn prawn is the product of choice,

It’s crunchy deliciousness will make you rejoice.

Our popcorn prawn is great on it’s own,

But that is no reason to eat it alone,

Eat it with steak or a fillet of pork,

It goes with anything you can get on a fork.

As part of a main or a little hors d’oeuvres,

This prawny morsel will reignite your verve.

Why not go mad and add to your dessert too,

There’s nothing that the popcorn prawn will not improve.

Each little mouthful provides a tasty delight,

You’ll savour the flavour of each little bite.

Whoever you are, we know you’ll adore,

Our delicious new snack will leave you wanting more!