There is only one planet earth and every living thing depends on it. At Visual Foods we play a vital role in making positive changes to how we interact with our world, by supporting our global supply partners and minimising our environmental impact here in the UK.

Key to our environmental policy compliance is cooperation with our supply base. We use our strong relationships to ensure that the required environmental management practices are not only achieved but continually maintained. We also take active steps to encourage our suppliers to responsibly manage and protect their environment.

We comply with any packaging waste initiatives and work closely with the relevant bodies to ensure all packaging is kept to a minimum without detriment to the product contained within it. Additionally, we encourage the efficient usage of energy and other natural resources to ensure we comply with all current legislation on waste management and actively promote recycling.

Visual Foods is committed to reducing emissions and we work closely with our storage and distribution partners to minimise food miles and our carbon footprint.

We continually review and improve our processes to ensure we maintain high standards and promote an effective environmental policy which minimises any adverse impact on the environment.