Coldwater Prawns

The pandalus borealis is almost translucent and lives in the natural coldwater habitats surrounding Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada. They develop initially as males, then become female after around 3 years. Life span is around 5 years, although possibly up to 8 years in northern latitudes. They spawn in autumn and females carry the eggs until April/May.


Scientific Name: Pandalus borealis

Market Name: Northern Shrimp, Deepwater Prawn

The vast majority of prawns sold in the UK are this species. They are always sold cooked and frozen and are usually peeled. The very best coldwater prawns will have a 6-8% ice glaze to prevent dehydration.

If you have eaten a prawn cocktail, chances are you have tasted the coldwater prawn, recognisable after boiling for its bright pinkish-red colour. The crunchy texture and smaller size make them a popular choice for supermarket salads and sandwiches and a delicious ingredient in restaurants.

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