Tiger Prawns

The Black Tiger Prawn is easily recognisable by the dark black and yellow stripes on its shell. Males and females can reach up to 36 cm long, with the females weighing up to 650g. It is the most widely distributed prawn species in the world, though it is gradually losing out to the Vannamei prawn. When cooked, the shell turns bright red and the meat is white and quite soft.


Scientific Name: Penaeus monodon

Market Name: Black Tiger, Giant Tiger, Jumbo Shrimp

These prawns are great when peeled & deveined for stir fries and curries, when they are cooked & peeled they are well suited to salads and sandwiches, when prepared cooked head-on they are best for grilling or BBQs, and when they are raw head-on or headless, pan or deep frying is an excellent option.

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