Vannamei Prawns

Vannamei prawns are predominantly found in the Pacific Ocean, from the Mexican state of Sonora to Northern Peru. They are also found in the warm waters surrounding Indonesia where the water temperature remains above 20°C. The adults live in the ocean in depths up to 72 metres, whilst juveniles live in estuaries. Also known as the Whiteleg Shrimp due to their transluscent white body, they can grow to a length of 23 cm. Global production of the Vannamei prawn exceeded the Black Tiger prawn in 2004, and it is estimated that this will continue to rise.


Scientific Name: Penaeus vannamei

Market Name: Pacific White Shrimp, Whiteleg Shrimp, King Prawns

The prawn’s natural mild-sweet flavour and firm texture makes it an ideal addition to stir-fries and curries, see our delicious recipe for chilli prawn noodles. They can be presented as raw peeled & deveined, raw headless shell on, cooked whole crevettes and skewers.

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